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Eagles withdraw four of their five rule change proposals

The Eagles were among the most active teams at proposing rules changes to be voted on at the upcoming league meeting, but now they're pulling back most of their proposals. According to, the Eagles have withdrawn four of the five changes they had proposed.

Eagles should stay away from running backs in first round

There are three running backs worthy of being a first-round pick, that doesn't mean the Eagles should draft one. By Paul Hudrick

Here are all of Nick Foles’ pass attempts in 2016, with analysis

Earlier this week, we cut up video of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, showing all of their targets in 2016. Today we'll look another free agent acquisition who is more of a known commodity, Nick Foles.

Eagles defense will have at least five new starters in 2017

Who will step up?

After losing two in one game, Eagles seek protection for long snappers

Long snapping is a unique skill, and few NFL players have more than one player who can do it well. So after the Eagles lost both their starting long snapper and their emergency backup long snapper in the same game last year, they're seeking to expand protections for long snappers in 2017.

Eagles News: Philadelphia should consider trading up for Marshon Lattimore

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/25/17.

Eagles owner speaks out against polarized political system

At a time when most NFL figures steer clear of anything remotely political, one owner has spoken out against the current political system in general. In a column posted at Time.

Connor Barwin: Eagles were ‘smart’ to cut me

Connor Barwin gets it. He understands.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie rails against political polarization in Washington

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie, typically not outspoken, authored a story for Time Magazine railing against political polarization in Washington. By Dave Zangaro

So it looks like the Eagles won’t be bringing back Kelly Green after all