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Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football: Quarterbacks and Running Backs

August 23rd, 2012 at 12:57 PM
By Robert Blechen

With the NFL 2012 Season set to kickoff Wednesday, September 5 is time to start building your fantasy football team.  Every year there are those guys who massively under perform and those who surprisingly put up huge numbers.  The Eagles have some very unique players when it comes to fantasy because they are big play types.  Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, the defense, and LeSean McCoy all thrive off making big plays.  They are not the slow and steady tortoise type, these guys are the hares.  Lets take a closer look at the Eagles players from a fantasy perspective to get you ready for your upcoming draft.

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Quarterback Michael Vick:  Vick is currently listed as the ninth quarterback coming off the board.  He has the ability to put up gaudy fantasy numbers, but at times he can be inconsistent.  Oh yeah, there is the ever present INJURY issue with Mr. Vick.  He has already been hurt twice in the preseason and was often injured last season.  Vick should be going higher in the draft, but fantasy managers are staying away from the big play quarterback due to injury concerns. When Vick is healthy he will put up starting fantasy quarterback numbers, but I only expect him to start 12 games this season due to injury.  That makes him a high risk high reward type player.  If Vick is still there in the fourth or fifth round I would snag him, but make sure you spend another mid round pick on a capable backup quarterback.  

Quarterback Nick Foles:  Foles is still trying to prove himself as the Eagles backup.  If he does end up winning the spot, Foles will go undrafted on draft day.  Foles will be the hottest waiver wire pickup if Vick does end up going down.  Even though he is a rookie quarterback, he has a big arm and will be given the reigns to a high powered offense with playmakers all over the field.  Keep an eye on Foles and if Vick does go down, he will definitely be worth a roster spot.

Running Back LeSean McCoy: Shady is the number two overall fantasy player heading into the 2012 season.  McCoy put up strong numbers last year as he is a back who can carry the rock or catch passes out of the backfield.  His ability to make moves in the open field and take any carry to the house makes him a unique talent. Coach Reid has talked about reducing McCoy's workload, but as a fantasy player I would not be concerned.  Even if McCoy's carries are reduced he will be fresh when he does get the ball making him even more of an explosive ball carrier.  Also if Vick does go down (very likely), expect the offense to be run through McCoy resulting in increased fantasy production.  I would take Arian Foster of the Houston Texans over McCoy, but that is the only player I would take above McCoy.  If you get a chance with McCoy, pull the trigger on draft day or in a trade.

Running Back Dion Lewis/Bryce Brown:  Currently Dion Lewis is listed as the number two running back on the Eagles depth chart and Brown is the number three.  Both have had magnificent training camps and Brown was very explosive in both preseason games to date.  I anticipate Dion will be the number two back come season time and he should be given a decent workload.  McCoy was quoted in training camp advocating for Lewis to get more reps and to embrace the two running back approach that many NFL teams are using now.  I would take a late round flyer on Dion Lewis as running backs are a hot commodity and even a backup can have substantial value.  Keep your eyes on Bryce Brown as he could warrant waiver wire attention.

Stay tuned as the breakdown for WRs, TEs, and D/ST will be published on Sunday August 26.

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