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LeSean McCoy Suffers Concussion During Garbage Time of the Philadelphia Eagles 6-31 Blowout Loss

November 19th, 2012 at 11:02 AM
By Robert Blechen

'Handwashing poster with The Eagles' LeSean McCoy' photo (c) 2010, SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget - license: IS LESEAN "SHADY" MCCOY DOING IN THE GAME WITH UNDER TWO MINUTES TO GO OF A BLOWOUT LOSS???  This is the last straw for Coach Andy Reid and this staff.  The Philadelphia Eagles were severely outplayed by the Washington Redskins and the outcome was decided early in the fourth quarter.  That being said, what is the coaching staff doing giving carries to their best player with under two minutes to go?  McCoy runs off the left side of the line and gets smacked helmet to helmet on a meaningless run play.  McCoy would end up being carted off the field with a concussion.  Shady could be the cornerstone of the offense, but subjecting him to meaningless hits will waste the stud running back.  The coaching staff has struggled to get McCoy consistent carries all season long, yet they decide to stick with the run down twenty five points late in the fourth quarter, COME ON MAAAAN!

It gets even better when Coach Andy Reid was asked about his decision to leave McCoy in the game.  Coach Reid stated that he was still trying to win the game.  Are you serious Andy?  Maybe the past four months have rendered Reid delusional because nobody in their right mind thinks they can win the game when losing by twenty five points with under two minutes to go.  I understand there needs to be an attitude about playing until the whistle blows at the end of the game, but thats what Bryce Brown is for.  Let the rookie running back bang away as the game ends, he gets experience and it saves the health of your star back as well.  Seems like an easy decision.  But Coach Reid believed that LeSean McCoy gave them a better chance to win late in the blowout loss.  If McCoy could have broke off a long run, then recovered an onsides kick, then another long run, then another onsides kick, then another long run the Eagles would have still lost the game.  Reid's explanation that he was trying to win the game is a joke.  

It is sad to say, but Coach Reid has lost touch with this team and at this point a coaching change appears to be inevitable.  Owner Jeffrey Lurie will most likely wait until the end of the season, but when decisions like this are hurting star players, how long can the Eagles afford to wait?

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